loss is a seven inch record i put out on june 3rd, 2014.

although my name is on the cover, i feel this project was very much an equal collaboration between myself and my friend michael pisano, who created an animated video to each of the sides that is included in the sleeve as a dvd.  i cannot express my gratitude to michael enough.  check out his other projects here: http://www.michaelpisano.com

listen and download here: https://markmangini.bandcamp.com/album/loss

andy wrote another nice thing about me here: http://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/new-releases/Content?oid=1762332

kurt at pittsburgh magazine said: http://www.pittsburghmagazine.com/Pittsburgh-Magazine/August-2014/The-Beat-Augusts-Top-Shows/

and watch michael’s video: 



elegy for bill doss


i’m going to keep this site free of ephemeral writing, but i want to add this article i wrote for the new yinzer.  you can read it here: http://www.newyinzer.com/archive/spring2013/sound_vision/sv1.html

in case you don’t want to read it, here’s the synopsis: bill was one of a few people in this world who i fully trust as an artist.  although the loss of anyone in the world leaves an absence, bill’s was particularly hard for me to recover from.  i hope it captures my gratitude for his life.


ghosts, etc.


ghosts, etc. was an art show i curated and carried out the unspeakable act of putting my own artwork in.  it opened at modernformations gallery in december 2012.  the image above is the only painting i have documentary evidence of.

anyway it was a fantastic show (if i do say so myself) and showcased some of my favorite artists, as well as people, in pittsburgh.


tame your man


my second collaboration with nathan hall.  tame your man is a “living music sculpture” written by nathan dealing with sexuality, gender identity, bondage, music, and all of the other good things in life.


i:  so here i am, here we are.  one tie leads to the next/and once again i am nothing without you./a physical restriction emphasizes/purity of communication/predicated on trust./in this space we transcend ourselves/and our lives and our words./how many times do you need to hear/that love is all we need?

ii:  and with you, together, i know only of what i feel; that i can express directly/with no intervention, without artifice./a half dragging the dead weight of the day from place to senseless place–/but here i can breathe again./i can think/feel/express with/a clarity that makes no sense in the day/to day world/you put your hand in mine and i believed./you spoke and i understood./we know no ambiguity./we have created a new reality.

iii:  it works as a focus/one note, one point, a concentration./the dissonance doesn’t resolve; it ceases to be./i don’t need you anymore transitions to i am you now/we are fused in that heat, dependent on the other to breathe/to feel, to be./you do not have to chase after me now because i have given myself up to you/have put myself in you, am bound to you./we are one focused point in space.

tame your man premiered on november 9th and 10th at the atlas black box theater in boulder, colorado.  watch a few youtube clips here:  and: -2012